2020 Seasonal Registration: Update

Registration 2020 is on its way! 

You might be thinking, ‘why do I have to fill that out again?– nothings changed’ or ‘why are we getting registration now?’ 

Here’s the answers! Site licenses need to be reinstated every season. As a business we need to keep accurate records. Any changes to your contact information, vehicles or unit need to be documented in the site license. Your vehicle passes will be ready at in-person registration in April if your registration forms are completed online by March 1st, 2020.

Registration Forms

We’ve simplified the forms so they’re easier to complete. Here is an overview of the forms and policies. Keep this as a handy reference. The forms will be sent soon!

  • Four passes for vehicles owned and driven by the licensee(s) AND, passes for unmarried children of the licensee(s) under 25 years old that reside at the licensee(s) home are included. To buy any additional passes for $75 each, use the Additional Seasonal Vehicle Passes form. We no longer offer Family Passes.
  • The forms will be emailed to one of your email addresses on file.
  • The 1st licensee completes the Licensee 1 fields AND the unmarried children form and Additional Passes form.
  • IF there are 2 licensees; the forms will be sent again to that same email address to allow the 2nd licensee to fill in Licensee 2 fields.
  • IF there is only 1 licensee; the forms will be sent again to that same email address to confirm single licensee status.  Also, the License Application form has fields to fill in for a vehicle pass (non-licensee) at no charge for single licensees.
  • Licensees that supplied us with a copy of their title wont need to fill in unit information.  However, if the unit title is with the bank or lender, we need the licensee to fill in the make, model and VIN fields on the License Application.
  • If you do not need vehicle passes for your unmarried children under 25 years old, residing at your home just check the box at the TOP of that form where shown. If you need those passes, fill information for each pass and person. We require documentation to verify residency and age.  Without it, each pass will cost $75.  On that same form-if you do not have children that need passes just check the box at the BOTTOM where shown.
  • If you do not need Additional Seasonal Vehicle Passes just check the box at the bottom of the page where shown.  If you need passes enter the vehicle and individual information for each pass. Passes cost $75 each.
Tips & Reminders
Please do not enter the same vehicle information more than once.
If you have only one phone number (whether it is a cell or home) just re-type it in the remaining phone fields.

Only complete the forms through DocuSign. We will not accept printed forms with handwritten or typed information.

If you choose to complete your registration forms at the Fish Lake Beach office on our laptop:  a. you will need your email password-we cannot reset your password  b. in-person registration occurs on a first come-first served basis. You will have to wait in line for assistance.

Print or download your completed registration forms if you want a copy. Doing so will provide you with the 2020 Handbook which contains policy changes and updates.

Completing the forms by March 1st, bringing the necessary documentation and paying license fees in full are all required to obtain vehicle passes.

Please email camping@fishlakebeach.com or call 847-546-2228 if you need help. Calls and emails may take up to 2 weeks during the off-season.

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