Family Owned and Operated

Fish Lake Beach Camping Resort has served families, from near and far, with wholesome fun for over seven decades!  Our family takes great pleasure in doing everything possible to create a carefree, comfortable and fun experience for your family.    Welcome!


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Our Story

Fish Lake Beach was purchased in 1939 by Alfred (Al) Keil while his wife, Emilie and daughter, Yvonne, were visiting relatives in Switzerland. When Emilie and Yvonne returned, Al, a butcher in Chicago, was waiting eagerly to show them the “fishing camp” he purchased.

Emilie had a feeling she knew what property he was talking about and proclaimed “I hope it’s not that Godforsaken Fish Lake!

It was!

When Yvonne was 9, she and her mother moved from their comfortable apartment in the city to an old house on Fish Lake property to run the camp on a full-time basis.  Al stayed in the city during the week to run his butcher shop and came out to Fish Lake Beach on weekends to help out.

Eventually Yvonne went off to college in Valparaiso, where she met and married her husband Del.  They both became teachers but soon returned to Fish Lake Beach to help grow the family business.

As owners of the resort and stewards of the land on which it resides, we are humbly aware that Fish Lake Beach has become a home away from home to generations of families, including our own.

We are grateful for our Grandpa Al’s decision to buy Fish Lake Beach.  His vision was realized through the hard work, ingenuity and perseverance of he, Emilie, Yvonne and Del.

While Fish Lake Beach has grown and modernized, it’s original concept of wholesome family fun, is as simple and relevant today as it was so many years ago.  More than just a campground, Fish Lake Beach is an affordable and beautiful place to create family memories filled with love and laughter.

As always, wish you were here.

Your Fish Lake Beach Family

Del (2nd generation)

Yvonne & Randy (3rd generation)

Desiree & Bob (3rd generation)

Christi & Rory, Joshua, Ryan, Connor and Delaney (4th generation)

Christopher (5th generation)

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