Fishing Update: 2017

Announcement: Fishing 

A professional analysis of Fish Lake during fall 2016 provided us with an in depth understanding of Fish Lake habitats.  It helped us learn that our fish population is growing strong! The recovery of the lakes fish population is due, in part, to the catch & release status we imposed after extreme winter of 2013 resulted in a significant fish kill.
To further improve the fish habitats we’ve continued monitoring, submerged and anchored spent pine trees into the lake, stocking with fingerling northern pike, continued to encourage the harvest and removal of carp. These efforts have helped and allowed us to return to CATCH AND KEEP status starting June 17th, 2017, along with new limits.  These new limits will be posted at the Fish Lake and in the Registration office and Concessions.  
  • 3 bass per day under 14″… release all over 14″
  • 3 catfish per day
  • 5 bluegill per day 
  • 5 crappie per day 
  • 5 yellow perch per day
  • unlimited carp

What do the new limits mean?

Campers, guests and beachgoers can enjoy catch and keep within limits to help the fish habitat improve.

Several, campers only Carp Fishing Tournaments during season 2017 will be announced on our CampersApp and Facebook.  During tournaments participants may use a rowboat and life jackets free of charge as well as FREE bags to hold carp that are caught. The heaviest total bags of carp by a team or individual will win $25 in Fish Lake Beach bucks-redeemable for Concessions. We’ll sell corn (the preferred bait for carp) for $1. NO entry or participation fee. Participants over 15 must have a current IDNR license.  An adult must sign for and occupy boat.  These tournaments create a fun way to help further restore the lake’s ecosystem, which is home to more than a dozen fish species. The common carp is the only non-native species among them and are widespread throughout the lake. Carp are bottom feeders, an eating form that disrupts the habitat of the native fish.

There is no limit on carp caught and kept or removed for disposal.