Fishing Update

Sub-zero temperatures and wave upon wave of snowstorms tested even the most stalwart cold-weather fans as we slogged through the 2013-2014 winter. Chicago received just a little over 80 inches of snow, which made it the third snowiest winter since record-keeping began the winter of 1884-85.  As the spring thaw occurred, our lake revealed changes that only a record-setting winter can leave behind.  These extreme weather conditions restricted the amount of sunlight that shines into the water to enable the growth of vegetation to oxygenate the water. The lack of oxygen causes fish to suffocate. This phenomenon has been noted throughout the region as many ponds and lakes are reporting a partial fish die-off.   For this reason, we are permitting fishing of our lake on a ‘catch and release’ basis only. This will allow the lake to naturally repopulate over time.  As expected, the carp were only minimally affected, so we’re encouraging those that catch carp to bring them in for proper disposal.  Thank you.



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