It’s Time To Register for Season 2023

Hello Seasonal Campers!   It’s time to register for season 2023.  Don’t delay!  Fill out the registration forms, send in your supporting documents and pay!  All parts must be completed for us to prepare your Vehicle Passes. PLEASE READ and follow the instructions below. These same instructions also appear in the email message portion of the registration forms (also known as DocuSign), and they also appear ON the registration forms themselves.  

How To Fill Out Registration Forms: PLEASE READ
1. Use a computer to fill out the registration forms. Do NOT use a cell phone.
2. The forms are sent to one email address TWICE.
3. The Primary Licensee must carefully fill out the registration forms in the first email.
4. Please make sure that the information entered is accurate before clicking FINISH. Edits cannot be made after FINISH is clicked.
5. The registration forms will automatically be re-sent to the same email address to allow the Secondary Licensee to sign. IF THERE IS NOT Secondary Licensee, the Primary Licensee must still open the 2nd email to complete the forms.

Send Supporting Documentation
Send a copy of the supporting documents below to with your site number in the subject line. Each must be readable, not folded or cut off.  Please keep track of what you send!
1. Insurance Policy for the RV/unit
2. Insurance Policy for the Golf Cart (if pre-approved)
3. Unit Title* (if your title is on file, don’t send another copy*)
4. Driver’s License of each individual on the License Application and the Unmarried Children 25 or Under that Reside at the Licensee(s) Home form
5. Vehicle Registration of the cars for each individual on the License Application and the Unmarried Children 25 or Under that Reside at the Licensee(s) Home form

Make check or money order payments by mail; send to Fish Lake Beach 32223 N. US Hwy 12 Volo Illinois 60073. Payable to Fish Lake Beach. Please put your site number in the memo.
• Make credit card payments by calling 847-546-2228. A 3% surcharge applies to credit card payments.
• We accept cash payments in person at the registration office mid-April through October 14th, 2023. Hours vary.
• A $25.00 service fee will apply to returned checks and declined credit or debit card payment attempts.


After you finish the registration forms we urge you to print out your registration forms packet. It contains all of the forms you filled out AND the seasonal handbook. The 2023-Seasonal-Handbook is updated every season. Keep the printout handy so you can easily refer to policies or information during the season. Answers you may get from other seasonal campers can be outdated or wrong.  Call the office if you have ANY questions. 847-546-2228

Have a wonderful season!

Thank You.
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