Labor Day Auction: Campers Care

128Every year our Labor Day Auction has a way of highlighting this truth: campers are a caring and compassionate group of people.  I oversee each of the fundraisers we do each year at Fish Lake Beach in amazement while our staff and camping community come together for a common good.  While our goal is to raise money for a worthy cause, it takes an enormous volunteer effort to pull off.  Campers willingly give up their precious time and resources to volunteer in some meaningful way through donations, hands on help, making signs, donating services or products, moving tables, you name it.  Without their help we could not achieve the financial goals we do for the chosen causes.  The smiles, laughter and spirit of togetherness make us appreciate the tradition of giving that was established by our family so many years ago.  The 2016 Labor Day Auction marks a 40 year tradition at the resort.   Please refer to the link below for more information about the 2016 Labor Day Auction. Thank you for your participation and continued support. The auction was a rousing success!

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