End of Season 2023: Reminders

Seasonal campers were sent an email that contained important information about closing up their trailer for the season and tips to close. Thank You.

2024 Rates Announcement

September 14, 2023 Seasonal Campers, We hope you have enjoyed this season as much as we have. Fish Lake is beautiful in the Fall, and we look forward to the fun Fall activities yet to come. Thank you for your patience as seasonal rates are determined. Seasonal rates for 2024 were delayed because more information … Continued

2023 Seasonals with an RV: Not Renewing

If you are a seasonal camper with an RV and will not be renewing for 2024 please review the following: You must notify us before the current season ends on October 15, 2023. As the 2023 season continues, please keep your site’s grass and weeds cut. Be sure to winterize your RV before we close … Continued

Delayed 2024 Rate Information: Seasonals

Hello, Fish Lake Beach Seasonal Campers! By now you would have received a letter from the campground announcing our following years’ rates. This process has been slightly delayed. Please read the informational letter that was emailed to all seasonals today to understand the reason for the delay. We appreciate your patience and patronage. Here is … Continued

Sewer Problems: We need your help

The last thing anyone wants to deal with while camping is POOP! However, if campers do not understand the limitations of our sewer system they will unknowingly contribute to sewer back ups! It’s not a fun topic but it is important for health and safety that all campers ONLY flush toilet paper and human waste-nothing … Continued


Our campers and beachgoers often express delight in seeing a variety of waterfowl around Fish Lake.  Occasionally, an egret, duck or goose appears in distress and we are asked to intervene. The answer, however, is more than meets the eye. We are obligated to follow the law; only those with an Illinois Department of Natural … Continued

FLB Campers Get Creative!

Fish Lake Beach provides a season-long list of activities for our campers! Did you know that some of our seasonal campers share their talents with our other campers? Amongst the talent we have a seasonal camper that is a captivating DJ, a 3 man band that plays oldies and folk music, paint crafts for children … Continued

6/7/23 Boats In Storage Area

6/7/23 A number of boats were dropped off at the lake by seasonals WITHOUT BOAT PERMITS. If yours is one of them, you have until June 11th to buy and attach a permit to it, after that we’ll remove and relocate any boats without permits. Thank You.

Important Update To Pool and Lake Use 2023

5/25/2023 This newsletter was emailed to our seasonal campers today, however, all weekday beach visitors as well as our overnight-monthly and rental campers should be advised of our new pool and lake use policies. Please click this link for details. Thank You.   Fish Lake Beach

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