Pump Problems: We Need Your Help and Cooperation

Pump Problems

In the past two weeks we’ve needed to replace TWO SEPTIC PUMPS.  Aside from the unpleasant odor that affects the camping areas surrounding the pumps, the replacement of each pump is thousands of dollars, and hours and hours of work.

We need your help to prevent that from happening again.  Here is how our system works:

Your tank collects raw sewage, toilet paper, water and basically stagnates there. By using RV toilet paper and additives to break down the contents of the tank, our pumps can efficiently transfer those contents to our drain fields.

HOWEVER, when our pumps get clogged by insoluble debris, those blockages prevent the pumps from working. In some cases the blockage can be cleared by hand, whereas other blockages are so significant that they stress the motor to the point of burnout.

Every time an insoluble item is flushed, such as a baby wipe, toilet wipe, diaper or sanitary product it presents a problem. Wipes can appear to be flushed, but are actually stuck or accumulating in your tank, which eventually requires tank replacement.  Bottom line: our system and your tank can only process biodegradable waste.

Help keep our system and your tank working properly:

  • Remind everyone who uses your toilet to flush only waste and biodegradable RV toilet paper.
  • Keep a trash can near the toilet for disposing baby wipes, flushable toilet wipes, sanitary products and diapers. NEVER FLUSH WIPES OF ANY KIND.
  • Just because a product is labeled ‘flushable’ does NOT mean it is approved for use by RV’s and septic system safe. It is not. In each of the pump breakdowns, wads of disposable wipes were the culprit.
  • Empty your tank regularly. Fill your tank with water prior to emptying.
  • Treat your tank with a product, such as AquaKem, to help liquify waste and break down tissue.

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