Complete and Accurate Information Needed for 2020

IMPORTANT: Seasonal Campers-Please Read

A BIG Thank You to our wonderful seasonal campers that showed us patience last season as we switched to a paperless method to collect registration information.  Our 2nd year we’re using DocuSign has allowed us to reduce the amount of information needed and generally make it faster and easier than before.  Brief, concise instructions in the message portion of the forms and tips in red lettering has helped reduce errors and speed up the process.

Very few people actually ‘enjoy’ filling out paperwork, however, the registration forms must be filled out every year. They create a legal contract between the seasonal licensee(s) and Fish Lake Beach, for the use of a seasonal site. The information we obtain and store digitally is sealed and neither party can edit the information provided.

We use the registration information to prepare passes and cannot do that with inaccurate or incomplete information so we are emailing a duplicate packet to licensees with these types of issues.

The most common errors are:
  1. Date of Birth-this needs to be the date of birth on your state ID or drivers license
  2. Filling in the License Application as an ONLY LICENSEE, when there are actually TWO licensees.  
  3. Entering children OVER 25 years old on the Under 25 Residing at Home form.
  • LICENSEE 1 fills out all LICENSEE 1 fields, AS WELL AS the Unmarried Children Residing at Home form and Additional Seasonal Vehicle Passes form.
  • IF there is only 1 LICENSEE; the forms will be sent again to confirm ONLY licensee status.
  • IF there are 2 LICENSEES; the forms will be sent again to allow the 2nd licensee to fill in Licensee 2 fields.
  • License Application: If there is only 1 licensee, there are fields on this form for an extra vehicle pass at no charge. The rest of this form is self explanatory.
  • Unmarried Children under 25, that reside at licensees home: If you need these vehicle passes, fill in the information for each pass and person. We require documentation to verify residency and age. Without it, these passes are $75 each. If you do not need these passes check the box at the TOP. On that same form-if you have young children please include their names, if not, just check the box at the BOTTOM where shown.
  • Additional Seasonal Vehicle Pass: check the box at the bottom of the page if you do not need passes. If you need passes fill in the information for each pass and person. Passes are $75 each.
  • Seasonal Camping Fees must be paid in full to obtain passes.
  • Older passes must be removed from your windshield.
  • If information on your registration forms changes throughout the season-go to the store to fill out an ADDENDUM. 
  1. Licensees whose trailer title is with the bank or lender must include their trailer VIN, make and model on the LICENSE APPLICATION for vehicle passes to be issued.
  2. A copy of the licensees drivers license and car registration(s).
  3. ONLY licensees that apply for an Extra Seasonal Vehicle Pass must bring a copy of the drivers license and registration of the passholder.
  4. A copy of the current trailer insurance.
  5. A copy of the vehicle registrations and drivers licenses of each unmarried child residing at licensees home that applied for a Seasonal Vehicle Pass.
  6. If you have been pre-approved for a golf cart, bring a copy of the current golf cart insurance.

Clear and complete copies of the drivers licenses, vehicle registrations and trailer/golf cart to  These emails must include the licensees name and site number.  This will allow us to prepare your passes ahead of time so we can speed up the In Person Registration process.

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Thank You!


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