Tips To Help Sell Your Trailer

It can be a bittersweet time in your life when you have to let go of your summer home at Fish Lake Beach for one reason or another. Doing so can be made a bit easier if you can help facilitate the sale in any way. Here are some basic tips to help sell your trailer.

Tips To Help Sell Your Trailer
  1. If you are no longer occupying your trailer, remove all personal items that will not be staying.
  2. Remove any clutter off the kitchen & bathroom counters and tabletops.
  3. Cleanliness counts-both inside and out. The cleaner and more clutter free a unit is the better it shows.
  4. Odors are the biggest turn-off in a trailer. If the unit smells like mold, mildew, cigarette smoke, sewer or pets, most prospective buyers won’t get past the front door.
  5. Steam clean the carpets.
  6. Make sure all items listed on the walk-thru handout are in good working order before closing day. Make sure all appliances are working lights have working bulbs, water lines are not leaking etc.  Ask us for a copy of the walk-thru handout and be prepared.
Curb Appeal

We will photograph your site and the unit then publish it on our website with the units age, features, and pricing. These photos are the first impression to prospective buyers so preparing your site and unit is essential.

  1. Make sure the grass is cut, weeds are minimized, dead flowers are removed, and everything appears tidy.
  2. Sweep and hose off the deck.
  3. Put away toys, bikes, tools, and extra chairs. Don’t leave personal belongings on the deck or at the site.
  4. Power wash the outside of your trailer, deck, and shed. Consider painting the shed if it is rusty or the finish is worn. Maintained trailers, decks, and sheds are more attractive to buyers and a requirement in the campground.
  5. Clean the patio door glass and back door inside & out.
  6. If you have a pond or fountain make sure it is clean.
  7. Pavers or decorative stone, rocks, or other hardscapes should be neat and not a tripping hazard.

These are only tips; they do not guarantee a sale; however, they will guarantee that prospective buyers are seeing your unit in the best possible light.

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