Chippy, our Fish Lake Beach Mascot

About our Fish Lake Beach Mascot

Part of the Fish Lake Beach charm comes from our simple roots and basic concept-to bring families together in a peaceful and carefree setting.  People from near and far write to us to share their memories about growing up here during their childhood.  Even our mascot, Chippy the Chipmunk, has a story.

The image of a chipmunk camping and fishing at a lake in the woods was derived from a children’s book decades ago by our founders daughter, Yvonne.  She thought it embodied the Fish Lake Beach experience.

Chippy The Chipmunk
The Original Chippy The Chipmunk


The modern version was created by local illustrator, Gary Frontier.  Gary updated the look while staying true to the shapes of the pine trees, Fish Lake, smiling fish and Chippy while giving him a bit of color and a toothy grin. We’re happy to see Chippy’s sweet image live on and enjoyed by families as they walk through the resort and splashed happily on Fish Lake Beach flyers, keepsakes and souvenirs.

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