2019 Opening: Seasonal Campers

Important Information 
Seasonal Campers
1. Vehicle passes will NOT be issued without the online registration forms completed and documentation provided in person. The deadline for completing online registration is 4/15/19.
2. We have discontinued using paper registration forms.
3. We will make 1 computer available in the registration office to fill out online registration forms, on a first come, first served basis. Filling out the forms can take a while, therefore, if many people show up at the same time to fill them out on our computer–the wait could be long.  For that reason, we encourage seasonals to complete the online registration forms ASAP.  We realize that filling out (the same) registration forms online is new and that’s why we have communicated extensively, allowed over 3 months to complete them and continue to offer email and phone help. Please contact us if you have any questions about completing online registration please call 847 546 2228 or email us at camping@fishlakebeach.com
4. The following are required to obtain car passes:
  1. Complete online registration forms.
  2. Vehicle registrations, drivers licenses, a copy of current trailer insurance policy and trailer title.
Opening 2019 season 
Every year several seasonal families contact us about checking on their trailers in March, prior to the official opening in April.  We do not allow admittance before the official opening date due to the risk for damage to roads and property from driving in the campground when snow, ice, or wet grounds are present.
The official opening day of the registration office is April 6th and 7th-weather permitting. The hours will be announced on CampersApp and Facebook as we get closer to those dates.
Gate access cards will be reactivated on April 6th-IF THE REGISTRATION OFFICE IS OPEN.

Seasonal families will be able to begin spring cleanup on the weekend of April 6th and 7th, weather permitting.  The water will be off, however, electric will be available. No campfires or overnight camping are permitted until water is on.

If weather conditions allow, the water will be turned April 19th. An official announcement will be made on CampersApp and Facebook as we get closer to the date. 
Feel free to share this official information with other seasonal campers.
Thank you!
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