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Do you dream of having a summer home?

Fish Lake Beach can make your dream a reality!  Learn about Seasonal Living at Fish Lake Beach

  • Fish Lake Beach is one of the largest, privately owned, recreational campgrounds in Illinois, with over 500 seasonal sites.
  • A seasonal site allows you to come and go or stay all season, from mid-April through October 15th.
  • Our seasonal sites are licensed to the RV owner or park model owner.  Licensees, do NOT own the site they use it by payment of a Site License fee due each season.  Our campground is a gated community; admission requires vehicle passes, (vehicle stickers) applied to the vehicles owned and driven by the licenseesGuests of licensees are provided temporary vehicle passes for their visit.
  • Sites that can be occupied by an RV* such as a travel trailer, 5th wheel or motorhome vary in size and accessibility, therefore, the size/dimensions and use (in/out during the season) factor into site selection. *RV’s over 12 years old cannot occupy ANY seasonal site.
  • All seasonal sites feature water, sewer, metered electricity, and a picnic table.
  • LP gas is available from Hicks Gas or Suburban Propane.
  • Television and internet services are available through Comcast, however, not included with site license fees.
  • Looking for a move-in-ready summer place? See Fish Lake Trailer Sales for park models on Fish Lake Beach sites.
  • We are currently on a wait-list basis for RV 2024 and 2025 seasonal sites. To inquire, send an email to with this information:  The length, age, and type of RV you own, the number of slide outs-if any, whether you require in and out access during the season, and the make-up of your family and your phone number.
  • 2024 Seasonal Handbook
Site Availability and Placement
  • Seasonal sites vary in size, location, configuration, view, and parking space.
  • Site selection and placement are determined for each seasonal family with an RV to ensure that site size and location are a good fit. To help that process we ask how you intend to use the site, your RVs’ dimensions, and about your family so we can consider sites in our family section where other children are or ‘M’ section for adults without children.*     *Visiting grandchildren welcome 🙂
  • Once your seasonal site is selected and your RV is placed on the site, we establish a site license.
  • The site license rolls over automatically from season to season.
  • Do you prefer Park Model Life? Email and view the Fish Lake Trailer Sales page to see Park Models for sale on seasonal sites.
See What We Offer
Visit or Stay
  • See what we have to offer! Visit on weekdays May 1st-Oct 14th, for a $6 per person admission fee.
  • Experience Fish Lake Beach overnight in their RV or our park model rentals.  Book online.
  • Fish Lake Beach is a large, gated property. For the security, privacy, and peace of mind of our campers we do not offer free tours of Fish Lake Beach property.  Visitors must pay the admission fee and obtain a parking pass. Paid visits of less than a 1/2 hour, will result in a refund. 
  • If you visit or stay-please drive safely and slowly. The interior roads of Fish Lake Beach are shared by people and vehicles.

Get Away, Your Way!

  • A seasonal site allows licensees to come and go or stay, from mid-April through October 15th.
  • Soak up the amenities, such as our spring-fed lake, sandy beach, heated swimming pool, leash-free dog park, and more! 
  • Look forward to fun-themed weekends and free activities throughout the season.
  • FREE Guest Passes are available to Licensees who pay their deposit in October and pay in full by April 15th.
  • Buy a Seasonal Vehicle Pass for friends or family who want to come often and visit. Vehicle Passes are $100.00 each plus the Village of Volo tax. We do not pro-rate the cost of Vehicle Passes purchased after we open. 
  • Licensees may pre-pay for their guests by calling the office on the day of arrival, $6 per person.
  • Vehicle Pass policies and Guest Admission are covered in the Seasonal Handbook which is updated every year.
  • The seasonal site license stipulates; one family, one unit, and one site. The extended family of the licensees must purchase Additional Vehicle passes; the licensees must be present when extended family members occupy the seasonal site.
  • Subletting the site is strictly prohibited.

Seasonal License Fees

  • The Seasonal Site License runs April 15th through October 15th. We only allow admittance the first or second week of April IF the weather conditions allow us to treat the waterlines that serve campers and the campgrounds’ utilities.  
  • Sites vary in size, location, view, and parking space, therefore, license fees are tiered to account for site variables and characteristics.
  • For seasonal license fees, call 847-546-2228. Seasonal License and License Fees are subject to the 5% Village of Volo Tax.  
  • NEW Village of Volo Tax: Click on this link to read the August 29, 2022, Seasonal Newsletter regarding the NEW CAMPSITE TAX imposed on Fish Lake Beach campers, by the Village of Volo. Click on this link to read the notice we received that informed us of this new TAX ORDINANCE, created and voted on by Village of Volo administrators and trustees.
  • Prospective seasonal licensees must take and pass a background check. This applies to anyone who wants to become a seasonal licensee, including prospective buyers through Fish Lake Trailer Sales. If there is more than one buyer, both must take and pass the background check. The fee is $37.50 per person.  Two families may NOT buy a trailer (park model) or license a seasonal site for an RV because the use of the site and adherence to site license policies is not possible.  It also creates excessive use of the site by family, extended family, guests and friends of two families. One site, one family, one unit is stipulated in the site license.
  • Renewing licensees must pay the deposit by October 15th the balance is due by April 15th
  • NON-RENEWING licensees must notify Fish Lake Beach by January 7th, in writing, to get their deposit refunded.  If Fish Lake Beach is notified after January 7th the deposit WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.  Acceptable notification methods: certified letter OR email to with the site number and licensee name(s).

License Registration-Returning Seasonal Campers

  • Registration forms are emailed to Licensees in January.  Online registration makes it easy to fill out the forms and send documentation using a computer (not a cellphone).
  • Registration forms include the current 2024 Seasonal HandbookThe seasonal handbook is updated every season.
  • Complete the registration process by filling out the registration forms, sending supporting documents, and paying any balance due. 
  • For health and safety purposes, the site license begins mid-April once the water in the campground is usable. The actual date that the water is usable is weather-dependent.  If early admission is possible overnight stays and fires are prohibited however seasonals can begin site clean up and preparation.   Licensees are notified either way by email and via Facebook announcement.
Covid-19 Disclaimer
  • Activities and the use of our pool, beach, playground, pavilion, rec halls, and piers depend on the IDPH and Illinois Governor’s mandates for Covid-19. Activities may be modified or canceled for safety and compliance purposes.  We will make every effort to provide recreational options for our campers.
  • Updates will be published in our Weekly Fish-Tastic newsletters. The newsletter appears on CampersApp, Facebook, and the News section of our website AND as a handout available at our store and the gatehouse.

Registration Overview
  1. Registration forms must be completed using a computer (not a cellphone)
  2. Supporting documents must be sent to with the site number in the subject line.
  3. Pay outstanding balances for electric and site license fees before April 15th
FAQ: Licensees, Title, Passes, Trailer Insurance 

Licensee(s): The primary licensee must be named on the unit title. If there is a secondary licensee, that individual must reside at the same address as the primary licensee and sign the registration forms where required.  If there is not a secondary licensee a single Vehicle Pass is included at no charge.

Title: If the unit title is held by the licensee(s) a copy of the original trailer title must be on file with Fish Lake Beach.  If the title is not in the licensee’s name, the licensee must apply for a title change and a receipt for the application supplied to the registration office until the updated title arrives. 

Passes:  The license includes up to 2 vehicle passes for vehicles owned and driven by the primary licensee AND vehicle passes for the licensee(s) Unmarried Children 25 or Under That Reside At The Licensee(s) Home AND up to 2 vehicle passes for vehicles owned and driven by the secondary licensee.

Trailer/Unit Insurance  Licensees must carry trailer insurance including liability coverage, year-round. Park models must have critter damage, Golf Cart Permits (if the Licensee has approval) must be covered on the insurance policy. Biglow insurance provides policies to many of our existing seasonal licensees.

Guest Admission

We have several options for your guest admission needs.

Overnight Occupancy

Overnight occupancy is prohibited until the water is turned on.

Each spring we determine the actual opening date based on the weather.

The water can ONLY be turned on when the outside temperature is above freezing for multiple days in a row.

We attempt a ‘soft opening’ before April 15th every season however it is weather dependent.

Licensees can expect the exact date to be published on CampersApp and Facebook.

Comcast TV and Internet Services

Get Comcast TV & Internet service at your Fish Lake Beach site.

Boat Storage

Boats with electric trolling motors and non-motorized boats 14 ft. or less for use on Fish Lake may be stored at your seasonal site, free or by the lake when not in use for $50.00 per season.

Stay In Touch

Weekly newsletters with activity updates and park changes are emailed to seasonal licensees. Our smartphone app, CampersApp allows us to notify our campers of electrical or water issues, pool or beach closings, lost or found pets and more.



Seasonal Campers may apply for a Golf Cart Permit for their use of a Golf Cart on Fish Lake Beach property if they have a current, state-issued PERMANENT Disability Placard or Disability Plate for the Licensee (seasonal camper) that will drive or be a passenger on the Golf Cart.  There is a Golf Cart Permit fee that must be paid each season and Rules that must be agreed to in writing before a permit will be issued and usage allowed.  An active insurance policy for the Golf Cart must be kept current 365 days a year. Biglow Insurance is one resource for Park Model, RV and Golf Cart insurance.

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