Seasonal Living

Have a summer home for your family

Let one of our sites become your summer place!  Licensees enjoy unlimited use of their site from mid-April through October 15th.   Seasonal sites are equipped with water, sewer, fire pit, metered electric and a picnic table. LP gas is available from Hicks Gas or Suburban Propane.  Looking for a place that’s move-in ready?  Contact Fish Lake Trailer Sales! They offer new and pre-owned park models on Fish Lake Beach sites. If you prefer, our sites can accommodate your RV.  For more information about availability and licensing call 847-546-2228, ask for Rob or e-mail

Get Away, Your Way!

Get away to your seasonal site whenever you please or stay all season, from mid-April through October 15th. Enjoy amenities, such as our spring fed lake, sandy beach, heated swimming pool, leash-free dog park, playgrounds and more!  Look forward to fun themed weekends and free activities throughout the season. Share your Seasonal site with friends and family with FREE Guest Passes, given as a courtesy for full payment April 15th, or, buy a Seasonal Vehicle pass for $75 each.

Seasonal living at Fish Lake Beach–where a vacation isn’t just a trip, but a place to be, and getting away is all about coming back for more!

Seasonal Camping Fees

Seasonal Camping fees are tiered. Tiering takes into account individual site characteristics such as lot size, location, water view and size of parking space.  Payment in full is due by April 15th  or pay in full by February 1st and earn a $25 reduction.

Seasonal Camping Fees
TierPayment in full
April 15th
Payment in full
February 1st
Tier 13075.003050.00
Tier 23050.003025.00
Tier 33025.003000.00

Seasonal License 2020

Renewing your seasonal license is easy! Here’s how, pay the $400.00 deposit by September 15th, 2019 and pay in full by April 15th 2020.  A $25 reduction is offered for payment in full by February 1st 2020.  We will email the registration forms to process. Complete them and then come to Fish Lake Beach in April to obtain vehicle passes.


2020 Seasonal Camping Fees allow for unlimited camping mid-April, when the water is turned on, through October 15th.  The Limited Seasonal Plan has been eliminated. Licensees that pay in full by April 15th 2020 will receive 10 FREE Guest Passes.

2020 Seasonal Camping Fees include 4 Seasonal Vehicle Passes for vehicles owned and driven by the licensee(s).  Seasonal Vehicle Passes for unmarried children of the licensee(s) under 25 years old and reside at the licensee(s) home are also included.

Any additional Seasonal Vehicle Passes for friends or family must be purchased for $75.00 each using the Additional Seasonal Vehicle Passes form in the e-mailed registration packet. We no longer offer Family Passes.

At least 1 of the individuals named on the trailer title must be a licensee throughout the registration forms packet.  A copy of the trailer title must be on file with Fish Lake Beach.  If the title is not in the licensees name, the licensee must apply for a title change and bring the updated title to in-person registration. If the bank holds the title, fill in the VIN on the License Application.

If there is only 1 licensee, that licensee may approve 1 adult to receive a Seasonal Vehicle Pass by completing the designated section on the License Application.

Licensee(s) must provide Fish Lake Beach an active e-mail address; if your e-mail has changed, the updated e-mail address must be sent by September 15th 2019.  Email updates may be sent to 

Seasonal Registration 2020

Unlimited Camping mid-April through October 15th

Two Steps of Registration

  1. Registration forms. This step is for the licensee to complete the registration forms. Forms will be emailed to 1 licensee by October 15th 2019. All forms must be completed online by March 30th 2020. Vehicle passes will not be available at in-person registration if forms are not completed.
  2. In-person registration. This step is to obtain vehicle passes, it begins April 4, 2020.

The emailed registration forms consist of- 

In-person registration. Bring a copy of the trailer title, if is not already on file; bring the drivers licenses of each individual applying for a seasonal vehicle pass, a copy of the current trailer insurance and a copy of the current vehicle insurance for each vehicle. If you have been approved for a golf cart, bring a copy of the current golf cart insurance. 2020 Seasonal Camping Fees must be paid in full to obtain passes. Additional passes, if purchased, must be paid to be issued.


Seasonal Handbook 2020. Printed versions of the Seasonal Handbook 2020 can be obtained at the registration office starting April 4th 2020. The handbook contains important information to help seasonal campers understand policy, procedure, services and important dates related to a seasonal site license. We encourage seasonals to read and refer to the handbook.  Thank you!

Guest Admission

We have several options for your guest admission needs.

Additional Guest Pass Information

Overnight Occupancy

Admission to Fish Lake Beach by licensees is permitted mid-April through October 15th. Every season we determine the specific opening date based upon the weather.  We’re typically able to open the 3rd weekend of April.  Licensees can expect the exact date to be published on CampersApp and Facebook. The campground water can ONLY be turned on when the outside temperature is above freezing for multiple days in a row.  Overnight occupancy is prohibited until the water is turned on.

Sign up For Comcast TV and Internet Services

Your representative, Dale Betts, is on call for TV and internet services for seasonal campers. Dale can help you with technical matters, with choosing the right service bundle for you and more!  Dale can be reached at (847)-366-3646 or e- mail, 

We are pleased to offer this level of personal service for Fish Lake Beach seasonal families.

No Need for A Satellite Dish

With Comcast services at Fish Lake Beach you won’t need a satellite dish cluttering up your beautiful Fish Lake Beach site because their services are run in the ground via coaxial cable. Comcast is one of the best internet service providers (ISPs) in the US. Sign up for the services you want, for as long as you need. Comcast services are not included in seasonal license fees.

The Comcast sales team comes to Fish Lake Beach store to answer questions and set up TV programming and internet services.  Comcast days for Season 2020 are to be determined.

To ensure that you receive your Comcast bill please sign up for eco-billing or pay your Comcast bill online.

Boat Storage

Boats with electric trolling motors and non-motorized boats 14 ft. or less for use on Fish Lake may be stored at the seasonal site or by the lake when not in use.

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