Pre-Owned Trailers for Sale on Fish Lake Beach sites

Stop by Fish Lake Trailer Sales office, located at the entrance of Fish Lake Beach Camping Resort on route 12 or call (847) 546-4777 Ask for Mark! 

Trophy, 1990


This 1990 Trophy is on site F27 and features roof air, deck, shed, patio-mate, front living room, mid kitchen and bath, bunk room & master bedroom.

Fleetwood, 1993


This 1993 Fleetwood has central & window air, deck, Patio-Mate, front living room, mid kitchen & bath and rear master bedroom. On site M27.

Bayview, 1993


This 1993 Bayview is located on site N13.  It includes a deck, shed, Patio-Mate, front living room, bath, mid-kitchen, rear master bedroom, loft and central air conditioning.

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