Early Season Friendly Reminders 5/19/23

As of April 15th, we’re into the 2023 season a whole month!

Hard to believe that it’s already been that long.

May 15th is the deadline for:
  • Having your site raked and cleaned up
  • Having your vehicle sticker attached to the driver’s side window-gate attendants will remind you. Please comply 🙂
  • All seasonals must be fully registered; if you are not registered your admittance will be restricted to by appointment only.
Additional Reminders
  • Keeping your lawn mowed and weeds cut is your responsibility. Individuals in the park will do this for a fee. If your grass is high (8 inches or higher) we will mow and charge your account.
  • Large item disposal is not included in your site license-please DO NOT LEAVE large items at or in the dumpsters-we have fined violators.
  • Golf Cart Permittees may not loan their golf cart to anyone nor can they allow children to drive the golf cart. The individual that owns the disability plate or placard must be a passenger or driver of the golf cart. Other rules that are in the Golf Cart Permit form will be enforced in addition to these.
  • Maintenance needs (for those who were sent a letter about site maintenance) must be completed by June 15th 2023.
  • Bring your keycard-there are times when a gate attendant is not present or is on break.
  • Licensees are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times while on the premises. Occupancy of the licensed site by minors without the Licensees present is grounds for termination. The consumption of alcohol by minors will be reported to the Lake County Sheriff.
  • Please meet vendors at the gatehouse. Landscaping vendors that come in branded vehicles and are known by the gate attendants will be allowed in without meeting at the gatehouse.

Thank You.

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